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 New Logo License Agreement 2011 Available for Signing on July 1

The new Logo License Agreement (LLA) 2011 will be available for signing on the Windows Quality Online Services (Winqual) website ( on July 1, 2010. The new LLA includes the following changes:

  • Smaller minimum size for the Windows 7 logo. Licensees now have the option to use a smaller minimum size (0.42″) Windows 7 logo on systems where space on the casing is limited, for example, all-in-one PCs and smaller device form factors.
  • Logo on the back or bottom of mobile devices permitted under limited circumstances. When the smallest logo size permitted under the LLA does not fit in a visible location, we will now allow placement of the Windows logo on the back or bottom of mobile devices, provided that:
    • The logo is comparable in size and placement to third-party logos.
    • The logo is not placed on a removable component of the device.
  • Sublicense rights to logos. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and independent hardware vendors (IHVs) who work with retailers to promote their products and who want retailers to be able to utilize Windows logos in promoting OEM and IHV products need sublicense rights to Windows logos. These rights have been added to LLA 2011.



New Billing Service Features Go Live on July 1

The Microsoft Pay It Your Way website ( is an online account receivable service. This service will go live on July 1, 2010. You can use this service to:

  • View transaction history.
  • Make a payment with a credit card.
  • Change the purchase order (PO) number on your invoice.
  • Edit PO numbers on your unbilled submissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: How do I get my sign-in information?

Each billing contact associated with your account number will have access to this website. Your username is your email address. To activate your username, click this link and enter your email address. You will receive an email from with your temporary password.

FAQ 2: I’ve received my invoice but the PO number is wrong. How do I change the PO number on my invoice?

To change the PO number on an invoice:

  1. Sign in to Pay It My Way and click View Transactions.
  2. In the Edit PO column, click the button for the invoice you want to change.
  3. On the Change Purchase Order Number screen, enter your new PO number.
  4. If you do not want to have a hard copy sent to you via the United States Postal Service (USPS), clear the corresponding checkbox.
  5. Click Proceed. A revised invoice will be emailed to you automatically.

Changing PO Numbers on Unbilled Submissions

Billing is done quarterly. At the end of each calendar quarter, submissions to be billed are loaded into the billing system. Invoices for the quarter are produced on the 16th day of the month following the end of the quarter (“billing month”).

For example, on March 31, submissions from January 1 through March 31 are loaded into Edits to the PO numbers for the submissions are allowed during the first two weeks of April. On April 16, invoices are generated and no further edits are possible. Invoices are sent to you within five business days from the 16th. Payment on the invoices will be due on the 25th day of the month following the billing month. This due date provides you at least 30 days from the date you receive your invoice.

During the time that you are able to edit PO numbers on your submissions, there will be a button labeled Edit Pre-Bill PO Numbers on the Welcome page. This button is only available from the 1st through the 15th of the billing month. When you click this button, you will be presented with a screen that will allow you to make changes to the PO numbers on each of your submissions. The screen is self-explanatory but feel free to email us at with any questions.

In summary, the following steps are involved:

  1. Unbilled submissions are loaded into on the last day of the calendar quarter.
  2. Email notices are sent to all billing contacts notifying them that they can edit submission PO numbers.
  3. Users can sign in to and edit their PO numbers.
  4. On the 16th day of the billing month, invoices are generated. No further edits to submission PO numbers can be made after the close of business on the 15th.
  5. Invoices are prepared and mailed via USPS.
  6. Payment on invoices is due on the 25th day of the month following the billing month.


When we generate invoices, the submissions are grouped by account number and PO number. We generate a separate invoice for each unique combination of account number and PO number. For example, if you have one account number and two submissions and both submissions have the same PO number, you will receive one invoice with both submissions on it. If each submission has a different PO number, you will receive two invoices. If you have more than one account, you will receive at least one invoice for each account and possibly more than one invoice per account if the submissions for a given account have different PO numbers.

If one of your engineers made a submission under the wrong account, you will have 15 days to discover this and notify us. If you need an invoice split across two or more PO numbers, you will have 15 days to make the necessary adjustments. After invoices are generated, there is only one change that will be made to your invoice and that will be to change the PO number on the invoice (see FAQ 2 above). The billing team will NO LONGER MAKE INVOICE CHANGES. Your company has 15 days to identify and make the necessary adjustments to your submissions to ensure they are billed properly. Please take this notice of policy seriously as we will not honor requests to make changes to invoices.


Retiring Windows Logo Program Categories

The following logo program categories and requirements will be retired when we release version 1.6 of the Windows Logo Kit (WLK):

  • Modem
    • MODEM-0001 through MODEM-0025
  • Winsock Direct
    • NETWORK-0141 through NETWORK-0143
  • ISDN
    • NETWORK-0026
    • NETWORK-0027
    • NETWORK-0029
    • NETWORK-0030
    • NETWORK-0033
    • NETWORK-0130 through NETWORK-0132
  • IrDA
    • CONNECT-0025
    • CONNECT-0027
    • CONNECT-0029

Starting with WLK 1.6, any devices that previously submitted via these categories can use the Unclassified category to get a signature. Please use LogoPoint to send us any feedback you have about this announcement.


Retirement Date Postponed for Tape Drive, Medium Changer, and Serial Port Adapters Categories

Previously we announced that we would retire the Tape Drive, Medium Changer, and Serial Port Adapters logo program categories in June 2010. We are postponing the retirement of these categories until Windows Logo Kit (WLK) 1.5 expires.


Windows Logo Kit 1.5 QFE 002 Is Now Available on Connect

QFE 002 for Windows Logo Kit (WLK) 1.5 is now available for download on the WLK Connect site ( This QFE contains a fix to select Direct3D tests to significantly reduce log file sizes. (The affected tests are WGF11Shader5x.exe, WGF11Compute.exe, and WGFFilter.exe.) This change should make it significantly easier to comply with the 2-GB size limit for CAB files in logo program submission packages.

This QFE also includes:

  • Fix to the ConfigDisplay.exe utility so that it correctly enables secondary heads.
  • Fixes for the following errata:
    • 1531: Display: WGF11 Compute Shader (FeatureLevel 10.0 and 10.1) has blocked test case
    • 1575: Display: WGF11 Compute Shader (Feature Level 10.0) has blocked test group when DX-compute is disabled. (dupe of 1531)
    • 1577: Display: The WGF11 Filter (Feature Level ??) fail test group filter\Aniso\2D (dupe to 1672)
    • 1578: Display: The WGF11 Filter (Feature Level 10.0, 10.1 and 11.0) test has several failures due to LOD Clamp
    • 1672: Display: WGF11 Filter (FeatureLevel 10.0, 10.1, and 11.0) test enforces LengthMinor clamping
    • 1842: Display: WGF11 Compute Shader (FeatureLevel 10.0 and 10.1) placeholder failure after the blocked test
    • 1959: Display:WGF11 Compute Shader (Feature Level 10.0, 10.1 and11.0) test has failures in Memory\Barrier\PS test cases

This QFE is required for Display tests for all operating systems. Even if you aren’t affected by the 2-GB CAB limit, this QFE is required in order to to ensure that secondary heads are properly enabled. The reduction in log file size will also make it much easier to triage failures in these tests.

Note: Before applying the QFE, close all active DTM Studio sessions. Applying this QFE may affect any in-progress submission; please complete any submissions before applying the QFE. After installing this QFE, you will need to regenerate any affected submission that was generated before the QFE was installed.


Windows Logo Kit 1.5 QFE 004 Is Now Available on Connect

Windows Logo Kit (WLK) 1.5 QFE 004 is now available on the WLK Connect site ( This fix mitigates issues with running the Rally PnP-X or Bluewire Vertical Pairing logo program tests, which report Function Discovery failures and often leave the test computer in a non-clean state.

This QFE is required for Rally PnP-X or Bluewire Vertical Pairing tests.



Windows Summit 2010 Virtual Event: Device Track To Be Extended on June 30!

Windows Summit 2010 is a virtual event for software and hardware developers, designers, engineers, and testers, who build or want to build hardware and software solutions on the Windows 7 and Internet Explorer platforms.

On June 30 the Device track will be extended with a new set of Windows Summit 2010 sessions and virtual workshops. The workshops will focus on Device Stage for all types of devices, and will cover a new tool that simplifies implementation of Device Stage for your products. Session topics include:

  • Windows Connect Now
  • Uploading Device Metadata Packages
  • Play To
  • Windows Logo Program

Device, System, and Software Tracks

Specialized content for the Device, System, and Software tracks is now available online. You can access tools, resources, and information about building great products on Windows 7 and Internet Explorer, from the convenience of your computer, including information that addresses the Windows Logo Program – from what you need to know to certify your product to what’s new in Windows Logo Kit (WLK) 1.5.

Here’s a sampling of the sessions now available:

  • Device track, led by Mark Relph, Senior Director, Windows Developer and PC Ecosystem Team:
    • The Windows Logo Program for Hardware and Devices: Getting Started
    • The Windows Logo Kit: What’s New in WLK 1.5
    • Windows 7 Device Content and Web Resources
    • Developing Your Device Experience Strategy
  • System track, led by Brad Brooks, Corporate Vice President, Windows Consumer Marketing and Product Management:
    • Windows 7 Imaging and Deployment Tools Overview
    • Understanding the Windows Logo Program for Systems
    • Building Troubleshooters
    • Using the Mobile Broadband Platform in Windows 7
  • Software track, led by Dean Hachamovitch, General Manager, Internet Explorer Team:
    • Developing Multi-Touch Applications for Natural Experiences
    • Unleashing the Latest Innovations in Modern Graphics Hardware with Windows 7
    • Windows 7 Ribbon: The Next Generation User Experience for Presenting Commands in Windows Applications
    • Extending Battery Life by Creating Energy-Efficient Applications

Track content is available 24×7. You can watch all the sessions or choose the ones that interest you the most. In addition to track content and the opening talks, you can view questions that were submitted to the experts along with the experts’ answers.

To see a full list of sessions and to learn more, visit



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