Marcando la diferencia

An interesting story about the on-going McGill Mentor Program and an electrical engineering undergraduate. I must add that the source was my daughter, a McGill alum and mentor.

McGill alumni and longtime IEEE member, Jennifer Ng Ain Kin, helps her mentee, McGill student Yiming Xiao, to win prestigious IEEE Award

When Yiming Xiao was in the third year of his Bachelors of Engineering degree, he wanted to get some advice/help about choosing his concentration, getting an internship and deciding what to do after he graduated. So he signed up to get a mentor from McGill’s Mentor Program which is run by the McGill Alumni Association (MAA) and McGill’s Career Planning Service (CaPS).

Yiming was matched with Jennifer Ng Ain Kin, McGill alumnae (B.Eng ’94), who had volunteered to have her name on the list of mentors. Jennifer has been a mentor with the McGill’s Mentor Program since 2002. Yiming takes over the story:

Knowing my wide interests in visual arts and science, Jennifer suggested that I think outside of the box to explore options that would combine all my interests. At the same time, she offered me many constructive suggestions regarding my resume and cover letter writing from a perspective fan experienced professional. From her, I learnt more details about the application of electrical engineering in medicine to industry. This, along with my summer internship at the Montreal Neurological Institute, helped me to decide to redirect my career objective and go into medical imaging. So I applied for the Masters in BioMedical Engineering at McGill.


must say that we shared a very memorable moment at the AGM last November since I met him for the first time in person. I conduct all my mentoring online, and through long distances usually, so I typically would never meet my mentees.

Mentoring for McGill or IEEE (where I also mentor my peers), the mentor-mentee relationship relies on a certain level of anonymity that both parties become quite comfortable with. Each mentee’s needs differ and the journeys that I have travelled with each one of them became more interesting and fulfilling than the destinations themselves. Even in this era of constant accessible technology, I try to impart my mentees with substantial and sustaining life lessons over immediate successes.




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