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White Paper: Effectively maintain your nuclear design basis‏


Sustaining Infrastructure throughout the nuclear life cycle
Maintaining the design basis is one of the most critical processes of a nuclear facility. Without an automated design engineering system to help them retrieve design basis information, engineers must arduously search through multiple silos of data – and run the risk of mistakes being made if sheer determination and rigorous review processes fail them. In this design engineering white paper, Striving to maintain the nuclear design bases: What you need in an electronic design engineering solution, you will learn strategies to help you avoid costly errors and potential adverse findings from industry regulatory agencies.

This white paper discusses the challenges faced by nuclear plant teams in their efforts to access trustworthy and relevant information needed to remain compliant with their design bases. In addition, it reviews the capabilities necessary in an electronic design engineering system to help prevent rework, project delays, and cost overruns.

“The goal at Wolf Creek – as with other nuclear plants – is to maintain the configuration control such that we can continue to operate the plant in a safe and reliable manner. This white paper describes an efficient approach to an electronic solution that supports regulatory compliance and improves safety metrics. Well done!”
— Brian Masters
Supervisor, Design Engineering
Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation
A superior design engineering solution will improve information integrity, enable proper assessment and impact of change, streamline auditing of all affected objects, and increase visibility to the current status of all interrelated assets in the nuclear facility at any time.

Who should read this white paper:

  • Engineering Managers
  • Configuration Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Maintenance Managers

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