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Click here to View the July issue of IEEE Spectrum in your browser Click here to Download Qmags PDF
Click here to Download IEEE Spectrum PDF
A digital version of the July 2010 issue of IEEE Spectrum is available for you to VIEW or DOWNLOAD.Below, you will be given the opportunity to CONVERT your print subscription to Spectrum and The Institute to digital, or ADD the digital version to your print subscription for $9.95.

This is a complimentary trial delivery of the digital version of IEEE Spectrum.

  • Digital Delivery is available in lieu of print or as an add-on to print for receiving IEEE Spectrum and The Institute.
  • The purpose of this trial is to acquaint you with the digital delivery experience.
  • Nearly 15% of members have opted to receive digital instead of, or in addition to, print. This trial will give you the opportunity to make that decision.

Option 1. You may replace your print issue with a digital replica. 

  • After receiving your request, we will send you an email alert each month when the digital edition is ready. That email will carry links to both a web based “view-now” and PDF downloadable versions.
  • You will no longer receive the print edition.
  • You may switch back to print at any time.
  • If you do not opt into digital delivery for 2010, your print subscription will continue uninterrupted.

Just click here to opt-in to digital delivery. 

Option 2. Purchase the digital version for just $9.95 as an addition to continuing print. 

  • When we receive and process your request, you will receive both the print and digital versions.
  • We will send you an email alert each month when the digital version is published. That email will carry both the view-now and PDF download links.

Just click here to opt-in to receive both the print and digital versions for $9.95. 

OR do nothing, and receive the normal print version of IEEE Spectrum

Benefits of having digital delivery: 

  • A personal secure online library of all issues delivered to you, plus Spectrum archives back to July 2007
  • Faster delivery each month
  • Keyword searchability through and across issues
  • Can be read in the browser, or downloaded to your computer to read offline
  • Easy to navigate, forward, print, click to links
  • Environmentally friendly delivery
  • Be the first to try our iPad replica when the app is ready

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