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Podcast: Underwater Robots Track Oil and Ocean Life

A month into one of the worst oil spills in history, oceanographers have deployed a fleet of unmanned torpedo-shaped submersibles to track the slick and predict where it’s headed. Host Steven Cherry talks with associate professor Peter Winsor of University of Alaska Fairbanks about what these gliders are doing in the Gulf and how they might also be used to track fish populations in the Arctic seas.
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Intel, Imec See Software as Key to Exascale Computing

The pair are working on software to run on future supercomputers that will be capable of calculating 1000 times as fast as today’s. They’ll need it for such hairy tasks as predicting solar storms.
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A Better Digital Coin Tosser

Random numbers are at the heart of data encryption, but the circuits that produce them rely on analog components that don’t fit well with the ever-smaller features on today’s processors. Intel engineers have found a way to make an-all digital generator that should be just as shrinkable as the rest of a microprocessor.
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Free the Radio Spectrum

Under current regulations, radio spectrum is artificially scarce. It’s time to rethink the way we manage the airwaves and put vast amounts of available broadband to use.
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Special Report: Antarctica: Life on the Ice

In this hour of IEEE Spectrum Adventures, reporter Glenn Zorpette gives a first-hand tour of what it’s like to live and work in one of the most extreme environments on Earth. Join Zorpette as he meets penguins, hunts for neutrinos, and learns what it takes to keep polar scientists alive and happy.
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Sponsored Whitepaper: Modeling AUTOSAR Systems with an UML/SysML Profile

The AUTOSAR initiative has developed a layered software development approach that allows companies to cooperate on standards and to compete on implementations. This paper provides an overview of AUTOSAR and reviews the details of an UML/SysML-based AUTOSAR profile for capturing the AUTOSAR system.
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Sponsored Whitepaper: Driving Product Strategy from the Top-down: Aligning Business with Technical Objectives

If you are involved with product investment decisions for multiple products, this paper will provide practical insights and tools to make your job a little bit easier. If you have difficulty explaining how multiple prodcts “fit” together, or what value customers will receive from a portfolio approach, this paper will cover successful methods that are in use today.
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Tech Talk: Russian Spies Thwarted by Old Technology?

Monday’s New York Times reported that the Justice Department had arrested a Russian spy ring in the United States. Is it possible that these spies were thwarted at least in part by their reliance on outdated steganography programs to upload coded communication?
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Automaton: SADbot: A DIY Drawing Machine That Loves Light

Outside of New York City’s Eyebeam studio, an artist’s hub dedicated to the convergence of art and technology, a handless pen doodles across a canvas. This is a SADbot, the Seasonally Affected Drawing Robot, an interactive drawing machine created by Eyebeam artists Dustyn Roberts and Ben Leduc-Mills.
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Nanoclast: What Is a Nanotechnology Company Anyway?

Justin is a dexterous humanoid robot, developed at the German Aerospace Center, in Wessling, that can make coffee. Now he’s learning to fix satellites. Watch a reported try to operate Justin’s manipulating arms in the embedded video.
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Risk Factor: U.S. Government Freezes 30 Financial Modernization Efforts Worth $20 Billion Pending Review

The U.S. government yesterday announced sweeping reviews of major government IT projects, especially those designated as high risk. According to released memos, the Office of Management and Budget intends to cancel projects that don’t improve quickly.
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