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Video Fidelity Requirements Enforcement Date Extended

In response to partner feedback, the enforcement date of the video fidelity requirements (STREAM-0082, STREAM-0083, STREAM-0084, and STREAM-0085) has been extended to December 1, 2010. The Windows Logo Kit currently optionally enforces these tests, so no changes will be made.



Windows Logo Program Requirement and Policy Updates

The Windows Logo Program would like to inform partners of the following requirement and policy updates. You can find complete details in the LogoPoint tool on the Winqual site (

New Requirements

The following requirements are new and open for feedback:

• GRAPHICS-0083. Graphics – Additional Qualifications – Cold Tuning.
• STREAM-0091. Tuner- Additional Qualifications – Hybrid/Combo Implementation.
• STREAM-0092. Tuner- Additional Qualifications – Signal Quality and Signal Lock Test Suite.
• CONNECT-0132. USB 3.0 hubs properly implement the SuperSpeed hub descriptor, standard SuperSpeed Descriptors, and the USB 2.0 ports in USB 3.0 hubs report version 2.1.
• CONNECT-0133. USB 3.0 hubs map their ports as defined in section 10.1 of the USB 3.0 specification.
• CONNECT-0134. USB 3.0 Hub should always report the port status bits correctly, as per the USB spec.
• CONNECT-0135. In the scenario where SuperSpeed termination was disabled and device has been enumerated on 2.0 port, if the software enables the SuperSpeed and then resets the 2.0 port, device should correctly move over.
• CONNECT-0136. USB 3.0 Hubs should not turn off SuperSpeed termination on downstream ports on over-current and port reset.
• CONNECT-0137. USB hubs support suspend, and downstream devices should not fall off the bus when the hub resumes from selective suspend.

• CONNECT-0138. USB Hubs correctly report whether they are bus or self-powered.
• CONNECT-0139. All USB devices must enumerate and operate on EHCI and xHCI controllers as well as downstream of full speed, a high speed and SuperSpeed USB hubs.
• CONNECT-0140. Devices should signal attach within 500ms after system resumes. If the hub lost power during system suspend, this interval will be calculated from the time hub has powered on the port.
• CONNECT-0141. If the upstream SuperSpeed termination is on, devices should always connect on the 3.0 port and never connect on the 2.0 port.
• CONNECT-0142. USB devices should not disconnect from the upstream port while going to or resuming from selective suspend.
• SYSFUND-0230. Desktop and All-In One systems with Ethernet devices must implement network presence conform to the Power Management specification on the NDIS Program and Wake on LAN patterns.
• SYSFUND-0229. Systems with a greater than 2.2 terabyte boot drive must comply with UEFI specification.
• SYSFUND-0228. Server systems supporting RemoteFX must meet requirements.
• GRAPHICS-0082. Graphics device intended for use with RemoteFX must meet requirements.
• DEVFUND-0047. Drivers must support all PnP IRPs.

Retired Requirements

The following requirements will be retired. See the individual requirement details for retirement dates.

• DISPLAY-0113
• All MODEM requirements
• NETWORK-0141, 0142, and 0143 (Winsock Direct)
• NETWORK-0026, 0027, 0029, 0030, 0033, 0130, 0131, 0132 (ISDN)
• CONNECT-0025, 0026, 0027, 0028, 0029 (IrDA)
• DISPLAY-0103, 0106, 0107, 0108, 0109, 0110 and SYSFUND-0138 (Sideshow)
• SYSFUND-0211
• STORAGE-0004
• STORAGE-0017
• BUSPORT-0020
• DISPLAY-0112
• SYSFUND-0218
• DISPLAY-0063
• DISPLAY-0095

Updated Requirements

The following requirements have been updated:

• GRAPHICS-0010. Restructure of details.
• CONNECT-0120. Republished.
• NETMEDIA-0002. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0008. Added “if-implemented.”
• NETMEDIA-0011. Added “if-implemented.”
• NETMEDIA-0017. Reworded exception.
• NETMEDIA-0021. Minor edits.
• NETMEDIA-0022. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0026. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0029. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0032. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0036. Removed “if-implemented,” added clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0037. Clarification, added exception.
• NETMEDIA-0043. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0047. Removed “if-implemented,” clarified exception.
• NETMEDIA-0049. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0053. Added regional profiles, clarified exceptions.
• NETMEDIA-0054. Removed “if-implemented.”
• NETMEDIA-0059. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0060. Changed to “if-implemented.”
• NETMEDIA-0061. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0066. Removed “if-implemented,” added exception.
• NETMEDIA-0078. Changed to “if-implemented.”
• PORTABLE-0036. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0001. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0003. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0008. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0018. Exemption clarified.
• NETMEDIA-0041. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0042. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0048. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0050. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0051. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0062. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0070. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0071. Clarification.
• NETMEDIA-0072. Clarification.
• STREAM-0084. Fixed typo.
• BUSPORT-0041. Changed effective date to June 1, 2012.
• SYSFUND-0192. Clarified intent on allowing only Windows 7 logo drivers on Windows 7 systems.
• CONNECT-0123. Clarified meaning of “alternate.”
• NETWORK-0212. Changed effective date to January 1, 2011 for client devices.
• NETWORK-0227. Changed effective date to January 1, 2011. Added clarification.
• BUSPORT-0045. Deleted portion of text about CSZ bit.
• DEVFUND-0039. Fixed typo.
• DEVFUND-0048. Clarification.
• STORAGE-0026. Clarification.
• CONNECT-0034. Deleted section 5.
• BUSPORT-0042. Changed effective date to June 1, 2012.
• DISPLAY-0069. Restructured for clarity.
• GRAPHICS-0007. Restructured for clarity.
• GRAPHICS-0015. Updated title and added details.
• GRAPHICS-0031. Restructured for clarity.
• GRAPHICS-0036. Restructured for clarity.
• GRAPHICS-0071. Restructured for clarity.
• DISPLAY-0105. Added detail to design notes section.
• GRAPHICS-0074. Added detail to the WDDM driver checklist.
• GRAPHICS-0075. Added second paragraph.
• STORAGE-0001. Changed end of life for Medium Changer and Tape programs to June 1, 2010.
• STORAGE-0003. Clarifications, changed end of life for Medium Changer and Tape programs to June 1, 2010.
• STORAGE-0024. Updated note, superseded STORAGE-0017.
• STORAGE-0006. Clarification.
• STORAGE-0007. Clarification.
• BUSPORT-0019. Combined with BUSPORT-0020.
• DISPLAY-0111. Does not apply to network projectors. Text clarification.
• GRAPHICS-0016. Updated minimum color depth to 32 bpp.
• STREAM-0082, 0083, 0084, 0085. Changed enforcement date to December 1, 2010.
• INPUT-0067. Deleted references to Terminal Services.
• SYSFUND-0009. Same change as GRAPHICS-0016.
• SYSFUND-0185. Updated for Windows Home Server V2.
• GRAPHICS-0023. Restructured for clarity.




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