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Save the dates! Below is a list of upcoming and archived career-related webinars created to help IEEE Members jumpstart their careers or enhance their existing ones. These webinars are hosted by the IEEE Job Site, IEEE Spectrum and IEEE USA.

Webinar Series: Lessons from Bootstrap to Billions

Dr. Dileep Rao, author of Lessons from Bootstrap to Billions, will lead a series of IEEE-USA webinars for future and seasoned entrepreneurs. The webinars will be based on his book.
Bootstrap to Billions shows entrepreneurs and managers how these business giants used
alternate financing options to grow. Most of them — about 80% — never got venture capital.
These entrepreneurs found their best market; designed the right strategy; developed the
organization culture and leadership; and reached the top with capital-efficient strategies
that minimized the need for capital.

• 20 May 2010 – Link Your Business Plan to Your Financing Needs
• 24 June 2010 – Financing Needs to the Right Financial Structures
• 22 July 2010 – Fine-Tune Financing: Find the Right Sources/Instruments
• 19 August 2010 – Reduce the Agony: Learn How to Find Financing
• 16 September 2010 – After the Financing: Better Decisions & Controls

Click here for more information or to register

Archived Career Webinars

March 2010
Career Webinars

Co-sponsored by IEEE-USA, the IEEE Job Site hosted two Career Webinars where four companies presented the key benefits of working at their companies – from compensation & benefits to work-life balance opportunities.
Sponsored by SRC and Lockheed Martin – View Webinar
Sponsored by Argonne National Laboratory and Rockwell Collins – View Webinar

November 2009
European Mobility – In or Out of Crisis?

The economic landscape has changed drastically around the world. But what are the consequences for technical occupations in the European labour market? This Webinar will be presented by European mobility expert Nannette Ripmeester and will address where are (still) opportunities and where are new opportunities emerging; which countries in Europe offer the best chance; and how best to make use of the available opportunities.
View Webinar

June 2009
Colleges are Transitioning for the Future – Are You?

This Webinar will help you set your future educational goals. Learn what opportunities are
available to you as undergraduates and working engineers. Grad schools have done their
homework; take advantage of what they have learned that could translate into new
opportunities that could work for you. Register to view via On-Demand.

May 2009
How to Win in a Competitive Job Market
– Hosted by IEEE USA
If you’re interested in making a career change, re-entering the job market after an extended
absence, or needing to get a job after a layoff, this workshop will help you get started.
This Webinar will help you key into of what it really takes to give yourself a fighting
chance in a competitive job market. View Webinar.

February 2009
Mentoring: Your Career’s Competitive Advantage – Hosted by IEEE USA
Looking for a boost in your career? Find yourself a mentor — or let one find you. In today’s competitive career world, you need to have a trusted source of guidance, advice, coaching, and feedback. View Webinar Video



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