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Extracción del Artículo del Area Industrial: Sistemas Para Tratamiento de Agua. “Ion Exchange: RecoPur® EOR Produced Water Treatment System”

Ion Exchange: RecoPur® EOR Produced Water Treatment System
Reduce capital and operating costs through consistent performance of produced water recovery and purification. The economical RecoPur® EOR Produced Water Treatment System , designed for the heavy oil and oil sands industries, operates with NO chemicals and little or NO waste.

Why Use RecoPur® EOR System?

Quantity of Produced Water
The production of heavy oil requires treatment of large volumes of produced water. Required water treatment system capacities can be 3 or more gallons of water for every gallon of heavy oil produced. That quantity of water must be treated in a manner that addresses environmental concerns, and can be recovered and purified for use in EOR operations. The RecoPur® EOR system provides a continuous, online process for handling large volumes of produced water.

Quality of Produced Water
The large volumes of produced water can pose a water consumption and discharge concern. The RecoPur® EOR system can treat feed water that exceeds TDS of 12,000 ppm and reduce hardness levels to below 0.2 ppm (as CaCO3). This quality of water enables its use in production processes.

Why Eco-Tec’s RecoPur® EOR System?
Eco-Tec’s RecoPur® EOR System requires no acid or caustic for regeneration, using only brine that results in lower operating costs. The system requires 60% less footprint than other options which provides for lower construction costs; and the system addresses the following specific needs Heavy Oil producers:

~On-Time delivery and commissioning
~Handle variable large volumes of feed water
~Compact and easy to integrate
~Reduced water consumption
~Minimal commissioning costs
~Minimization of waste
~Economical treatment costs

Since 1970, Eco-Tec’s engineers have worked to perfect water treatment technologies for application to various industrial needs. Eco-Tec’s performance efficiency and reliability are backed by over 1500 successfully installed systems in over 52 countries.



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