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Introduced in February of 2010, BS 8519 became effective immediately and focused on large and complex buildings and the protection of emergency and fire personnel in the case of a fire. BS 8519 gives advice and recommendations for the selection of fire resistant power and control cables in life safety and fire fighting systems such as smoke barriers, sprinkler systems, fire fighting and evacuation lift supplies. Although it was widely welcomed by the industry, there has been some confusion. This is why Prysmian has published a rough guide to BS 8519 in this week’s newsletter. From here you can also order a free copy of a more detailed guide.

The Electrical Safety Council has published a downloadable ‘Best Practice Guide’ on electrical installations and their impact on the fire performance of buildings. This guide provides practical advice for designers, installers, verifiers and inspectors of domestic electrical installations where the electrical work requires the penetration of linings forming ceilings and walls.

Question: With reference to Section 527 BS7671: 2008 (the 17th Edition), ‘minimise the spread of fire’, I understand that there is a minimum size of conduit that requires internal sealing to prevent the spread of fire. What is this size? Also, where can I find that size stated in the Regulations?

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 FOR MORE DETAILS SEE THIS LINK: – Industry News – set/2010 –




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