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IEEE Career Alert



IEEE Job Site Career Alert for September 2010

Your bi-weekly report on jobs, education, management, and the engineering workplace, from the editors of IEEE Spectrum.

1. Do Techies Make Good Leaders?
2. The Smart Way to Respond to a Saboteur
3. Who’s to Blame When Women Aren’t In the Game?
4. India Is Calling

1. Do Techies Make Good Leaders?
It depends, says a Wall Street Journal article that focuses on strategies for making tech professionals—who are just as practical, competitive, and action-oriented as business types—see the value of nurturing the careers of their subordinates. One reason why the executive suites of even technically oriented companies are awash with B-school grads while few engineers reach the highest rungs is that tech departments hire and reward people for having the best technical chops but fail to emphasize the fact that good leaders do things like mentor, coach, and groom others. But attach numbers to their success at helping subordinates advance and they’ll be dialed in.  Read on.

2. The Smart Way to Respond to a Saboteur
A well-known aphorism in team sports is that the referee never sees the instigator, only the retaliator. An article reminds business professionals about the importance of taking the high road even when a colleague behaves like a saboteur. Among the tips the article offers are: remaining calm when you are verbally attacked; delaying a discussion until you can think rationally; and standing up for yourself in a professional, classy manner. The would-be saboteur will often end up looking small by comparison.  Read on.

3. Who’s to Blame When Women Aren’t In the Game?
On 27 August, a Wall Street Journal blog took the tech industry to task for the continued dearth of women running tech startups. The next day, Michael Arrington, a senior editor at Techcrunch, responded with a blog titled, “Too Few Women in Tech? Stop Blaming the Men.” Arrington notes that the reason so few women run startups is because too few want to go the entrepreneurial route. Moreover, he adds, women “have a huge advantage as entrepreneurs, because the press is dying to write about them, and venture capitalists are dying to fund them. Just so no one will point the accusing finger of discrimination at them.” It will be interesting to see how this war of words proceeds.  Read on.

4. India Is Calling
Job seekers lined up at the Raritan Exposition Center in Edison, N.J., on 28 and 29 August and at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, Calif., on 3 and 4 September to attend India Calling, a job fair for aimed recruiting people willing to relocate to India for work.  Though the fair has ended, its organizers have left the India Calling Web site up and running so job hunters can still apply for openings.  Visit Site.





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