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Pricing and Market Analysis Newsletters – Natural Gas Market Report

Pricing and Market Analysis Newsletters

Natural Gas Market Report

A weekly analysis of the highly volatile natural gas market. This report details critical fundamental and technical factors that drive the market. An invaluable tool for industrial, commercial and municipal consumers hedging natural gas costs. Aimed at consumers and producers large and small whose bottom lines are impacted by natural gas prices rely.

Energy Market Analysis

A daily unbiased expert report of the fundamental, technical and geopolitical drivers that influence the oil, gas and power markets. This digest closely monitors and analyzes market dynamics that impact price, supply and trading conditions. Aimed at energy purchasers, analysts, traders, economist, trade support staff, finance and auditing personnel.

The Daily Hedger: Energy’s Best Source for Daily Market Insight

Daily access to critical downstream oil and gas news, analysis, pricing, market indicators, purchasing and hedging advice. Daily Hedger will bring you reliable trading recommendations for all of the main traded energy products on the NYMEX and ICE as well as selected inter-month and inter-market/commodity spreads. Geared towards fuel buyers, risk management, marketing, and pricing divisions.

Future Rack Alerts

Get tomorrow’s rack prices today. Future Rack has been transforming the way bulk fuel buyers and sellers purchase fuel across the industry. With a proven 98% accuracy rate on our market forecasts, Future Rack is one of the most powerful tools you can use to get an edge on daily rack price moves. Target audience is wholesale gasoline and/or diesel fuel marketers who are seeking an edge on rack price moves.



Energy Trading Jargon

This building block program will give you an overview of the world of energy trading. The course is designed to help traders, managers and trading support personnel in the energy and trading industries gain a more detailed understanding of the instruments, tools & techniques available for energy trading.

Power Industry Jargon

This program will give you an overview and understanding of the basic terminology used in the electric power industry. The course is designed to help those who are new to the industry, or those with a basic level of knowledge gain further insight to the power industry.

Technical Analysis

This course explains the derivations, applications, strengths, weaknesses and variations of the major technical indicators & techniques. The course is designed to help traders and risk managers in the energy industry gain a thorough understanding of the most popular and successful techniques & how they can be applied to their specific business. You’ll leave this course with an integrated framework for incorporating technical analysis into energy trading and risk management.



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