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Webinar – Definig Your Biomass, Wastes and Low Grade Fuels Firing Program- Gratis

Defining Your Biomass, Wastes and Low Grade Fuels Firing Program - A Webinar

Register NowDate: Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Time: 10am -11:30am Eastern
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Biomass (woodchips, switch grass, animal waste) and Municipal solid wastes is a renewable and sustainable energy resource. This webinar is aimed at sharing users’ experience with storing, handling, preparing, and using biomass and wastes. Cofiring and stand-alone projects as well as the basic considerations will be covered.

Who should attend:

Generation Business Managers
Fuels Managers
Project Managers
Operations Managers
Engineering Managers
Fuel Handling Managers
Engineering/Technical Services Managers
Environmental Compliance Managers
Plant Engineers
Research Engineers
Environmental Engineers
Waste Management Engineers
Business Development Managers
Engineering/Procurement/Construction Companies
Fuel Suppliers
Research & Development Organizations

Hear from these experts:

Marco Castaldi
Columbia University
Dr. Kunio Yoshikawa
Professor of Frontier Research Center
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Ashwani Gupta
University of Maryland

What you will learn

    • The issues to consider when defining your biomass firing program
    • Learn how to use negative cost low grade fuels for your plant
    • Learn about efficient and economical treatment of landfill gas for gas turbine applications and the favorable plant economics
    • Explore means to use low grade fuels in your boilers or furnaces and save fuel costs and enhance reliability of fuels availability at affordable costs for increased profits. The pay back for the upgrade can be achieved in a very short period of time.
    • Reduce environmental compliance costs and environmental impact. Learn how to make impact on achieving cleaner environment even with the use of low grade fuels, biomass and wastes and enhance boiler/furnace life with no fouling and slagging of the furnace/boiler.
    • Learn how the recent advances have helped promote rapid implementation of the new technologies successfully in many plants worldwide. Example case studies will also be presented.
    • Hear from other users and members of common interest on cost effective use of wastes and biomass in their plants



For content questions regarding this Webinar, contact Kim Arellano.

Sponsored By:

Air Cure
Bruks Rockwood
Arm & Hammer
Martin Engineering

Hosted By:

POWER Magazine Electric POWER


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