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Cisco Connected Grid Webcast: Deliver More Value From Your Operations‏

A Single Intelligent and Secure Networking Platform for Utility Operations
Live Webcast
Tuesday, January 17, 2012
8:30 a.m. Pacific Time/
11:30 a.m. Eastern Time
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Deliver More Value From Your Operations

As the world’s utilities modernize the electrical grid, operations

need to converge onto a single networking platform to help

reduce costs, make systems more interoperable, and enable

multiple applications and services. This will enable utilities to

deploy an intelligent communications infrastructure that

combines legacy systems with new technologies, creating

greater value while lowering operating expenses.

You can learn more about how to take advantage of these

advances by attending this free 60-minute webcast on

January 17. Join executives from Cisco, Itron, and

industry-leading utilities for this live event and Q&A

session as they discuss how Cisco’s new Connected

Grid solutions, products, and services are helping to

modernize the electrical grid.

Optimizing the Connected Grid

These industry leaders examine:

The Cisco Connected Grid and GridBlocks


How the Cisco Field Area Network solution

creates greater value from a multiservice platform

Current projects being undertaken by North

American utilities and Itron

Using existing and next-generation WAN

infrastructure to deliver new substation


How utilities can prioritize, design, and reduce

deployment of communications infrastructure

Successful projects from Australia and China

Utility operations and IT leaders

will learn how

utilities from North America,

China, Europe, and

Australia are delivering

more from their operations

on a single intelligent and

secure platform.

Live Q&A

This webcast includes

time for a live Q&A.

Join us on

January 17 and be ready to ask your

questions about

how the Connected Grid can help

meet the requirements

of your smart grid initiatives.

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