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Welcome to Paraguay, the paradise in South America

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Welcome to Paraguay, the paradise in South America of water resources.

Visit Paraguay and learn about our culture, the wonders of our pure nature, a place of opportunities so that foreign companies can come to invest, thousands of posts natural resources available, the place where power generation with joint projects with the Brazil and the Argentina make it possible to quickly companies can take advantage these resources.

An invitation to see a peaceful country, with the quality of people that is in few parts of the world, if you want to spend your holidays in a quiet, you think of Paraguay.

A country prosperous motivated by the changes that are being carried out, is prominent and hard to grow, and reach a good level so the foreigners along with the Paraguayans can grow in harmony.

 We invite you to know Paraguay, to visit or reside in this wonderful country, or whether it wants to invest many resources that can be exploited, giving opportunities to all.

Since our Group IEEE Paraguay, give welcome, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the Society of Science and Technology More Important in the World, now also at Paraguay.  Come in to the IEEE World.

 If you want to join the IEEE since Paraguay, you can consult with the Section Paraguay IEEE or the IEEE Branches, in our case through our email. :

Visit the Web of National Secretary of tourism “Paraguay”:  

Visit the Web of  Paraguayan industrial Union:

Visit the Web of  Itaipu Dam:

Visit the Web of  Yasyreta Dam:




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