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What’s New for Students. JANUARY 2012

What's New for Students
 January 2012
Welcome to the What’s New for Students e-newsletter, designed to help

 you efficiently connect with your IEEE Student member benefits.

Here you’ll find information on student competitions,

 events, scholarship opportunities, be able to search a complete

 list of available member benefits and services and much more.

 We would love to hear feedback on what you would like

 to see in future editions. Thank you for your membership.


Students Challenged to Create Videos for Younger Students – Closing Date 27 January
IEEE-USA is challenging U.S. college students to create YouTube videos that reinforce for an 11-13-year-old audience, “How Engineers Make a World of Difference.” The organization hopes to spark younger students’ creativity and ingenuity, and inspire their interest in learning about engineering.Awards totaling US$5,000, in four categories, will be presented to undergraduate and graduate students who create the most effective two-minute personal video profiles. Entries must be submitted by 27 January 2012.Learn more.

2012 IEEE Presidents’ Change the World Competition – Registration Closes 31 January!
The IEEE Presidents’ Change the World competition recognizes students who develop unique solutions to real-world problems, using engineering, science, computing, and leadership skills to benefit their community or humanity.

  • Grand Prize: IEEE Student Humanitarian Supreme – US$10,000
  • Second Prize: IEEE Distinguished Student Humanitarian – US$5,000
  • Third Prize: IEEE Exceptional Student Humanitarian – US$2,500
  • Up to Five Outstanding Student Humanitarian prizes – US$1,000

The Grand Prize winner will receive a free trip to the 2012 IEEE Honors Ceremony. The designated leader from the top team will be invited to attend this special IEEE event.

Please visit the IEEE Presidents’ Change the World Web site for full details, eligibility requirements, and to submit your entry. Registration closes 31 January 2012.

You can make a difference. Take the challenge and change the world!

FOLLOW IEEE Presidents’ Change the World

Studying in the U.S.? Loan Support Available?
SimpleTuition’s goal is to make it easier to for students to afford college. They offer tips, advice, interactive tools and deals so students plan better for the cost of college, pay less for college-related expenses, and are smarter about how they manage and pay back their student loans. At the SimpleTuition Web site, students or their parents can indicate the name of the school, amount of funds desired and graduation date, to get a list of participating lenders. For each lender displayed, borrowers can compare banks according to the annual percentage rate, number of payments and total debt required of each loan, and then they can directly link to the loan application for the lender they prefer. SimpleTuition also offers other amenities that are useful to students, including discounts on a variety of products. There is also a FAFSA coach tool to help students complete financial aid forms. SimpleTuition is suitable for any student who is a resident of the U.S. and who attends a university or graduate school in the U.S.

IEEE-USA eBook Offered Free as Special Benefit to IEEE Members
As a special benefit of IEEE membership, for the month of January, IEEE-USA is offering a free eBook, The Best of IEEE-USA Today’s Engineer: On Consulting, Volume 1. The Best of IEEE-USA Today’s Engineer: On Consulting, Volume 1, has 65 pages of content for consultants, on how to start a local consultant’s network, how to make sure consultants get paid for their work; how to make the transition from marketing to paid consulting; and a sample consulting contract.The Best of IEEE-USA Today’s Engineer: On Consulting, Volume 1 can be downloaded for FREE through 31 January 2012. Non-member price is US$5.99.In addition to the free January eBook, IEEE-USA has published a new eBook you might consider purchasing: Telecommunications History Highlights. Written by the staff of the IEEE History Center, these articles highlight some of the triumphs, events and people of note in telecommunications history.Telecommunications History Highlights can be downloaded at for the member price of US$4.79. To purchase IEEE members-only products and receive the member discount on eligible products, members must login with their IEEE Web Account.

New Ways to Find Articles Faster
It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the latest published research. That’s why the IEEE Communications Society recently introduced two free services that make it easier to find new papers faster.The Publications Contents Digest is a handy guide that contains the tables of contents of all 14 periodicals sponsored by the society including IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE Network Magazine, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia and IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications.For its other new service, Tech Focus, the society partnered with sponsors to provide free access to complete articles on a particular topic that appeared in the society’s journals and conference proceedings, as well as in IEEE Communications Magazine. Avago Technologies is sponsoring articles on RF amplifier technology, and Academic Press provides access to papers on mobile broadband communications. To read those papers, users just have to fill out a registration form that asks their contact information.Learn more.

myIEEEmyIEEE Offers Customization Options
Did You Know?  myIEEE is an IEEE member’s personalized gateway to membership. Login today for a comprehensive view of IEEE membership and the latest IEEE has to offer. Access individual society memberships and subscriptions. Connect with local IEEE sections and volunteer leadership. Find upcoming conferences. Learn more about individual benefits. Read the latest news from IEEE Spectrum, IEEE Standards News, and The Institute.IEEE members can organize their favorite myIEEE content exactly as they prefer with myDesktop, a customizable page of myIEEE modules.Features in this desktop include:

  • customizable selection of any myIEEE modules and gadgets;
  • multiple layout options with drag-and-drop gadget placement;
  • RSS tools to import feeds from IEEE or other content sources;
  • choice of several technology-based themes to further personalize the page.

Login to myIEEE, select the “Customize” tab and begin personalizing your myDesktop page.

Featured Programs

How To Get Congress To Give You $240 Billion   How To Get Congress To Give You $240 Billion
In this program the IEEE-USA Senior Legislative Representative for Grassroots Activities, Russ Harrison, discusses the intersection between public policy and engineering. In 2009, Congress focused on engineers and technology more than at any other point during the past 50 years, perhaps ever. Elected officials have been debating major changes to US policy in fields that employ or affect IEEE members including energy, space, education, intellectual property law, immigration, and broadband. This attention gives us, as professionals, opportunities, but also poses risks. Learn what IEEE-USA is doing in Washington to try to make sure Congress gets it right. And learn some simple things that you can do to influence your own elected officials.
Doing the Right Thing: Social Implications of Technology   Doing the Right Thing: Social Implications of Technology (Member Access)
This video intends to encourage working engineers and students to engage in discourse concerning the social, economic, and environmental impact of technology. Engineers from industry and academia, attending the 2005 Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS) discuss ethics and social responsibility.
Art of the Start: Entrepreneurship - >Guy Kawasaki   Art of the Start: Entrepreneurship –
Guy Kawasaki (Member Access)

Watch Guy Kawasaki, former Apple Fellow and Managing Director of Garage.Com, share his unique thoughts about what it is to be an entrepreneur and how to raise money. Hear from experienced entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and angels about how to raise money during the startup period and beyond.

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Introducing the New IEEE Social Media Policy
Social media is a powerful way for people to connect. IEEE supports content creation through social media, and encourages stakeholders to use social media for communication, collaboration, data sharing, and content development in a manner that is consistent with the IEEE mission and objectives.The new IEEE Social Media Policy and best practices have been set to guide content creators and social media group administrators who are conducting IEEE business online. The policy is a valuable framework to coordinate social media work, present a unified IEEE presence, and protect individuals engaged in these efforts in the context of IEEE. Some highlights:

  • Social media defined – the policy clarifies what IEEE considers to be social media, including a broad range of websites, portals, and digital-based applications.
  • Best practices for using social media — the policy includes a list of 17 best practices that guide online behavior and set expectations for how IEEE stakeholders will conduct business online.
  • Registered IEEE Social Media Sites — the policy requires that sites, pages and other social media entities, that are operated on behalf of IEEE and/or prominently feature IEEE logos or brands, register their site with IEEE. A publicly accessible list of registered sites will appear on

Read the full IEEE Social Media Policy.

The IEEE Social Media Policy is part of a broader effort to use social media strategically to support the IEEE mission and objectives. If you have questions about the policy or social media at IEEE, send an e-mail to



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